By the EU Ambassador to Indonesia



I am proud to present our annual publication on development cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Indonesia.

Last year, the world took an unprecedented turn with the COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis which shook economies and societies globally. While we are managing the effects of this crisis, we have a window of opportunity to make environmental sustainability and resilience the lens through which we map out our recovery.

Together with EU Member States, “Team Europe” has been supporting Indonesia’s COVID-19 response and recovery, including through global initiatives to ensure equitable and safe vaccines for all. This includes a package of over €200 million to support Indonesia’s emergency response, public health and hygiene measures, assistance to vulnerable communities, as well as strengthening the health sector and pandemic preparedness.

Indonesia is an important partner for the EU to ensure this recovery is green and inclusive. Based on our shared commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have been working together to address the pandemic, climate change, inequalities, and other global challenges.

These will be the building blocks of our future cooperation. With the start of the next EU programming cycle from 2021 onwards, we are looking forward to building a comprehensive and inclusive “Green Agenda” with Indonesia, which will include broad cooperation with the Government of Indonesia, civil society, and other partners.

We are developing innovative forms of cooperation, leveraging loans from European Development Banks, including the European Investment Bank, and creating partnerships between European and Indonesian businesses to step up trade and investment and spur the green economy.

Our future partnership will build on the success of our existing programmes, ranging from the protection of Indonesia’s rich biodiversity to the development of sustainable urbanization and infrastructure, in addition to exchange in research and higher education.

In the following pages, we share success stories from EU and Member States’ development programmes that have meaningfully contributed to the lives of people. Ultimately, these stories illustrate the strength of our partnership in the face of global challenges. As such, we look forward to continuing our cooperation in 2021, building a green future together.

Vincent Piket

EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam