Strengthening Civil Society and Social Accountability for
Improved Access to Quality, Inclusive ECD services, East Nusa Tenggara

Globally, civil society involvement in the development and provision of education services is increasingly recognised as critical to improving and maintaining standards. Likewise, the provision and quality of early childhood development (ECD) services is accepted to have a significant impact on children’s later social and academic development. The Inclusive ECD Services project therefore aims to increase access to inclusive and child-friendly services in marginalised communities in East Sumba, Southwest Sumba and Kupang Districts in eastern Indonesia.

Implemented by Swedish-based Barnfonden in partnership with Sumba Integrated Development and Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Madani, the project is working in 54 ECD centres in 28 villages in three districts with the aim of enhancing policy making, resource allocation and the quality of service delivery. Increasing the capacity of local authorities and CSOs and enhancing collaboration between them is central to the project’s approach.

Through the support of the project, Pambotanjara village in East Sumba District now has over IDR 222 million available for ECD funding in the annual village development budget. These funds will be used for tutors’ incentives, children’s uniforms and an ECD building, and will benefit the village’s 224 children under six years old.

Honestly, I used to think that ECD centres only facilitate children’s play and don’t need special support. But now I have realised that this is wrong and that ECD services are very important to support individual and community development in the future.

Anton Radadima
Head of Pambotanjara village