Low-Emissions Oil Palm Development, East Kalimantan

While palm oil production is considered vital to rural economic development in some regions in Indonesia, it is also a major source of land use-related social conflicts. The German Ministry for the Environment-funded Low-Emissions Oil Palm Development (LEOPALD) project is therefore providing technical support and training in land use negotiations to communities in five villages and eight commercial companies in East Kalimantan. Implemented by Germany’s GIZ in cooperation with the Berau District government, the project has enabled community representatives and companies to negotiate and settle conflicts concerning 34 areas of land covering nearly 20 hectares of forest. It has also supported the East Kalimantan provincial government in creating two important policies on low-emissions oil palm development, focusing on protecting forest areas and managing conservation areas.

This project has increased our confidence and skills in the negotiation process and helped us communicate directly with the companies.

Nyuh Mang
Head of Long Ayap village, Berau, East Kalimantan