Building a comprehensive weather and climate forecasting system

Against a backdrop of increasingly unpredictable weather conditions and a growing number of natural disasters, the maritime sector in Indonesia requires more reliable information services. Funded with €43 million from the French Treasury, and €65 million from AFD, France has in response launched an ambitious programme to support the development of a comprehensive weather and climate forecasting system in Indonesia and the modernisation of the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics.

The project will provide new equipment and build human capacity to improve data collection and observation systems through the use of sea buoys, and coastal and marine radars. It will also strengthen modelling and forecasting capabilities by integrating satellite data and enhancing existing models. This will improve the dissemination of meteorological forecasts and alerts to the transport, fishing and aquaculture industries. As well as mitigating economic losses caused by natural disasters and recurring weather patterns, the project will help improve the climate adaptation, disaster preparedness and risk management capabilities of the maritime industry, and contribute to increasing the climate resilience of vulnerable populations.

With around 20 percent of global maritime transport passing through the Malacca Strait, and six million people depending directly on the sea for their livelihoods in Indonesia, creating more reliable and accurate marine meteorology systems for the region is a good investment.

Emmanuel Baudran
Country Director, AFD