Forest Landscape Restoration in Central Kalimantan

Having lost more than half of its forest since 1970, Central Kalimantan is one of the world’s deforestation hotspots with continuing threats from logging, conversion to palm oil monoculture, and population growth. In response, Fairventures Worldwide, a five-year project supported by Germany’s International Climate Initiative (IKI), has developed a concept to reforest degraded areas with fast-growing trees and crops. With the new trees absorbing carbon, the timber, which is later harvested and processed into high-quality panels, provides income for local communities and encourages farmers to plant more trees. Fairventures is working with the Indonesian government and the private sector to scale this reforestation concept in national social forestry areas. The five-year project combines economic development, capacity building and climate change mitigation to provide benefits for all.

Before I joined the Fairventures programme in 2018, the land was empty. There was nothing, only grass. Now I manage more than 500 trees and have planted vegetables and fruits between the trees. I don’t have to spend extra money on food now because I can harvest my own.

Farmer from Gunung Mas