Switch Asia II – Mata Kail, East Nusa Tenggara

After her father passed away, Eran, aged 19 from East Nusa Tenggara, had to help her sister sell ice while continuing to attend school every day. Mata Kail, an EU-funded project promoting the sustainability of fish production and consumption in eastern Indonesia, provided her with the opportunity to attend training sessions aimed at preparing young people to enter the job market. After participating in the training events, Eran says she has become more confident in her abilities and more optimistic about the future. Implemented by Yayasan Plan International Indonesia, one focus of the project is to train young people in community storytelling using digital video and multimedia.

I have learned many new things through the Mata Kail project. My ability to express my opinions has improved and I am now confident to work in a team. More important though is how young people can develop their potential and put their energy and creativity to good use.

A Beneficiary of Mata Kail