Rebuilding livelihoods and increasing resilience, Central Sulawesi

As well as causing over 4,000 casualties and leaving many more homeless, the tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi’s Bay of Palu in September 2018 destroyed many of the small fishing boats that are vital to the local economy. Given their low income levels, few fishermen were able to replace their lost equipment, restart their activities and rebuild their livelihoods. In response, AFD mobilised a €1 million grant to support the revival of local fishing activities and strengthen the region’s disaster resilience. Implemented from April 2019 by CCFD-Terre Solidaire, a French non-governmental organisation (NGO), and Kiara, an Indonesian association of nine fishing organisations, the project will fund the distribution of 650 boats over three years and the replantation of six hectares of mangroves.

The ocean is my life. My boat is my home.

President of the Fisherman Association
of Palu Bay