Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society to Enhance Governance of the SDGs

As 2030 – the target year for the achievement of the SDGs – approaches, tracking global progress and increasing coordination among development actors becomes increasingly important. Oxfam Indonesia, together with the Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives and Sinergantara, an Indonesian NGO, have been working together in pursuit of these aims to develop TRACK SDGs, a digital platform designed to enhance access to and sharing of SDGs data.

TRACK SDGs is an open-access platform that provides information on development initiatives across Indonesia. By tracking SDGs progress at both the local and national level, and sourcing and publishing relevant data from different organisations, the platform enables greater collaboration on the SDGs across different sectors. In total, 94 organisations have registered their initiatives on the platform to date.

When used effectively, information communication technology is an effective tool to promote innovation, create practical solutions and improve stakeholder management around the implementation of the SDGs, at both local and global levels.

Angga D. Martha
Former United Nations Youth Adviser for SDGs