Gender Sensitive Village Planning and Budgeting, Bali/West Java

In 2019, through a collaboration between idEA, Search for Common Ground, and nine other CSOs, an EU-funded programme provided training on gender-responsive budgeting. In Bali, the programme has improved the reach of local community radio and increased the sales of products made by women and disabled people. Following one event, a female community organiser in Dajan Peken was elected as a member of the village representative body, while three other women in Geluntung became members of the village budgeting team. In Bogor, the programme has taught women how to protect themselves from loan sharks, combat gender-based discrimination, and champion responsible waste management and recycling.


We taught unemployed women how to make craft items and develop a marketing strategy. This improved sales and increased profit by up to 50 percent.

Sukanada Nyoman
A beneficiary of the programme