Safe & Fair

Ida Wahyuni was one of the nine million Indonesians living and working overseas, attracted by relatively higher wages. However, like many in her position, she endured physical violence at the hands of her employers, and as is often the case, other staff. While working in Singapore, another domestic worker withheld food and water from her, and she had to be admitted to hospital when she was poisoned. Her employers agreed to pay the hospital deposit, but she had to pay the rest of the medical bill herself. Luckily, as a member of a migrant workers’ organisation, other members helped pay.

Upon her return to Indonesia, Ida actively participated in a migrant workers’ association. This included training on advocacy and case management, supporting other migrant workers and network building, and working with the government and other organisations. She also established a chapter of the migrant workers’ association in her district and provided pre-departure training and training to returnees. In November 2019, she shared her story in the Safe & Fair photo exhibition ‘Extraordinary Women: Journeys out of the Ordinary’.

I think of this organisation like family and I will never forget what they did for me. We support each other.

Ida Wahyuni
Indonesian migrant worker