Preventing Violent Extremism Through Promoting Tolerance and Respect for Diversity

To increase resilience against violent extremism among Indonesian youth, UNDP, working in partnership with INDIKA Foundation, conducted a series of digital and face-to-face campaigns which successfully engaged more than 5,300 young people in 2019. Involving workshops, talk shows, interfaith dialogues, competitions and art performances, the campaign was conducted in five cities in Indonesia. One of the activities, called ‘Jelajah Toleransi’, involved games to give participants a better understanding of conflict resolution techniques while learning about trivia and local facts. Following the event, participants created 10 group videos and posted over 600 items of social media content to promote peace and tolerance.

The key message I received is that making peace with myself is important. When hearing an opinion different to mine, I should listen to others calmly with an open mind instead of confronting them. Through the project I have learned how to listen and accept other people’s opinions.

Dodi Sunardi
A participant in ‘Jelajah Toleransi’