Strengthening Public Services through the Empowerment
of Women-led Advocacy and Social Audit Networks, Central Java

An EU-funded project has been working to empower CSOs and local women’s groups to advocate for gender-responsive and inclusive budgets. At the same time, the programme has been facilitating engagement with local authorities and media groups to improve accountability of public procurement, especially regarding health and education, through community-based monitoring.

Implemented in Bojonegoro Regency and Semarang in Central Java by Hivos, Transparency International Indonesia and two local CSOs, the project focuses on strengthening women’s capabilities to access and understand budget procurement information. Participants are trained on how to articulate their recommendations in budget planning processes and promote the fact that better budget planning translates into improved public service delivery.


I hope more women become active in monitoring public service deliveries and are no longer afraid to submit a complaint or report their findings to the relevant government authorities. It is important that as women we are no longer marginalised.

Deviana Widyawati
A training participant from Semarang