Advancing Sustainable Development through
Improved Access to Justice in Indonesia

In partnership with Avocats Sans Frontières, a Belgian-funded project has helped improve the quality and accessibility of legal services in Indonesia. The project enhances the capacity of community-based paralegals, also known as ‘grassroots legal advocates’ or ‘barefoot lawyers’, who offer legal support in remote areas. One of the project’s key achievements is the establishment of a digital case management system which makes monitoring of cases more efficient and cost-effective. Another is the provision of an online platform that has helped connect community members in need of legal aid to paralegals and reduced the costs of legal services.

The programme is valuable because it lets us access information to solve our community’s problems in a simple and easy way. We also can share knowledge with other paralegals. This means we do not have to worry if we do not understand every legal issue as we know we have support.

A paralegal working at the Bali Legal Aid Institute